The Train Brief document details the scheduled freight trains on the mainline and each division.  It was created by the NP a few years before the 1970 merger, but reflects information previously communicated by divisional dispatchers. 
Steve Volek
This is a composite list of scheduled NP passenger and freight trains.
John F. Strauss, Jr.
Wheel reports were prepared by the conductor on NP freight trains and filed at the terminals where the train crews changed. They account for each car on the train showing where the car originated, what the car carried and where it went. See the accompanying explanatory text on this Train Operations list.
Allen Rueter
How wheel reports are created by the Northern Pacific conductor's and used by the railraod.  Chris discusses how they can be used by prototype modelers to improve their train consists and overall modeling.
Chris Frissell
Instructions Governing the Manifesting and Movement of Manifested Cars issued August 1, 1929.
James C. Dick
A resume describing the Northern Pacific Signal Department from its origin in 1909 to the time the history was written in 1956.
James C. Dick
This "most memorable trip in ore service" is told by a locomotive fireman  as he sees the events on an ore train from Duluth-Superior to Ironton, MN. and return in the 1949-1951 era.  It covers the call of a pool crew report for work, reporting for work, standard time clock and watch comparison, bulletins, time tables, some special instructions, some Consolidated Code operating rules, air tests, whistle signals, flagging, cab communication between the engineer and fireman, inspections, preparations, tying up, teaching instructions, descriptions, railroad slang and terminology, explanations, running conversations, and more.
Lee Tuskey