Exterior plan of the passenger depot on the Seattle-Portland mainline.1906
Covered bridge over Boulder Creek1909
Coal Shed for stationsM-41-151902
Ice houses used at division point on the mainline.Sheet 501910
Plan for brick interlocking tower.1910
6' by 4.5' Privy Std PlanM-44-041905
Plans for scale house and foundationM-41-501909
Plan, elevation and foundation plansSht 131910
Station platform for handing freightM-41-131900
Small 8' by 12' telegraph office with platform.M-44-151905
Plan, elevation and details of a 24' by 18' office with platformM-44-10 & -111904
33' by 20' telegraph office with platform1927
Pole mounted box used at track sideSht 2621929
For protection against overhead obstructions6-8-11910
A 10' by 12' stucture or 10' by 24' for housing speeders and tools.S-39-81889