Diesel Locomotive Roster
NP diesel locomotives -- all time
Lynn Francis
Freight Car Roster
NP Freight Equipment Index.  Click the SRID to open the series detail page.  Source: NP Ry Mechanical Dept.
Matt Herson
Miscellaneous Equipment
Company owned equipment and cars supporting operations
Lynn Francis
Northern Pacific Transport Trailers
NPT Trailers on lease to the NP on July 1969
Lynn Francis
NP Distribution of Power
A listing of the location and condition of each active NP locomotive for the date indicated in the link at the left of the table.  These were scanned from Warren McGee's collection by Rufus Cone and Verne Alexander.  Note that Warren used many of the early documents to note the engine numbers that he had photographed by crossing out the number.
Verne Alexander & Rufus Cone
NP Motor Cars
The all-time roster of gas-electric and rail-diesel cars operated by the NP
Lynn Francis
NP Steam Tenders
Tenders used with post-1907 steam locomotive classes
Gary Tarbox
Steam Class List
Each of the steam classes assigned after 1907 when the last numbering system was in affect.
Robert Frey
Steam Locomotive Roster
NP steam locomotives as numbered after 1907
Robert Graham
Streamline Passenger Car Roster
The all-time roster of streamline and lightweight passenger equipment operated by the Northen Pacific.
Mike Lustig