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Baldwin Locomotive Works Collection
Baldwin Locomotive Collection is devoted to the largest and most influential manufacturer of steam railroad locomotive engines in the world. This collection includes books, specifications, engineering drawings, blueprints for engines, advertising and corporate publications, manuscripts, and photographs. Guides are available for the records, detail part drawings, and erecting card drawings.
DeGolyer Library, Dallas TX
Bibliography of Published NP Sources
A bibliography of all the NP related articles, photos and information located and reviewed by NPRHA members.
NPRHA Members
BNSF Station List Revision B
This list includes abandoned, sold, or current listings of all BNSF Stations by track segments and their predecessor companies. Alan Eisenberg led this project, Roger Taylor did most of the work for the Frisco segments. and Keel Middleton proofed the Santa Fe sections (Revision B).
Alan Eisenberg
BNSF Track Segments
Version 10 of current, abandoned and sold lines compiled by Alan Eisenberg from many sources of the originating railroads, including the Northern Pacific.
Alan Eisenberg
BNSF Unnumbered Track Segments and Stations List Version 10 Revision B
Version 10, Revision B of un-numbered current, abandoned and sold lines and station list, compiled by Alan Eisenberg from many sources of the originating railroads, including the Northern Pacific.
Alan Eisenberg
Bridge Inspection Instructions
Instructions for through, accurate and uniform inspection of all bridges, culverts and waterways on the property of the Northern Pacific Railway.
Gary Tarbox
Bridge Painting Instructions
Instructions for field maintenance painting of steel bridges on the property of the Northern Pacific Railway.
Gary Tarbox
Camas Prairie Rail Web Site
This site has many photos of NP-related equipment used on the Camas Prairie Railroad, an operation jointly owned by the NP and UP until is was spun off as a short line.
Chris Atkins
Cass Gilbert NP Depots - North Yakima
The North Yakima Depot carries to an extreme the notion of using the center portion of the building as a decorative element. The half-timbered design differs from the Little Falls Depot in that it seems to be German- or central European-inspired (the English did not build wood towers). The large chimney is for a fireplace in the waiting room, a common feature in depots of the era. The chimney does not reflect the Germanic influence of the depot's otherwise unified design. The depot was enlarged within a few years of its construction and was later replaced.
Cass Gilbert Society
Coal Dock Operations
Coal dock locations and capacities on the Northern Pacific along with selected correspondences regarding coaling facilities. This information researched and presented by James Dick.
James Dick.
Color Drift Control Card Formulas
The NPRHA is proud to offer a set of eighteenn color drift control cards for common Northern Pacific colors through the Company Store. Color drift control cards were issued by the NP to ensure that color standards were consistently applied to equipment and structures.
Modeling Color Committee
Distribution of Power
A listing of the location and condition of each active Northern Pacific locomotive for the date indicated in the link at the left of the table. These were scanned from Warren McGee's collection by Rufus Cone and Verne Alexander. Note that Warren used many of the early documents to note the engine numbers that he had photographed by crossing out the number.
Verne Alexander & Rufus Cone
Genealogy & the Northern Pacific
The NPRHA receives many requests from people researching family members who worked for the Northern Pacific for a period of time. This article is intended to help those people locate as many information sources as possible. To print this article, click the link on the left to open the document, right click the first page and select Print.
John A. Phillips, III
GN-NP Joint Archive
This site contains material held by the GNRHS and NPRHA at their joint archives at the Jackson Street Roundhouse and the West End archive facilities.
Bill Sornsin, Gary Tarbox
Help for NPRHA Web Site
Answers to the keys question asked about how to use this web site.
Gary Tarbox
Lake Superior Railroad Museum
The museum is housed in the NP depot in Duluth, Minnesota, and displays a number of NP items.
Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Lewis County Historical Museum
The Lewis County Historical Museum is housed in the historic, 1912 the century, Northern Pacific Railway Depot. Operated by the Lewis County Historical Society, it is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Lewis County, Washington.
Jesse Clark McAbee
Mainstreeter Summaries
The NPRHA started publishing its quarterly history journal, The Mainstreeter, in 1981. This link takes you to summaries of the articles, columns, photos, diagrams and maps in each issue. This list is searchable using the column filtering or the phrase search functions.
Chuck Soule, Paul Curtiss
Maintenance Rules of Northern Pacific in 1918
This is a set of images from the pages of the official Northern Pacific Railway Maintenance Rules booklet, published June 15, 1918. Thanks to NPHRA member Tim Peterson for contributing this material. Click the page to make image larger. Than click lower right corner of resulting image to magnify to maximum. Switch to Detail View to filter and find a specific page.
Tim Peterson
Monad Story of the Northern Pacific
"The Story of the Monad" was available to passengers of the Northern Pacific's trains. Is was published in Oct. 1950 before the North Coast Limited's schedule was shortened to 39 hours the Vista-Domes were put in service and Raymond Loewy redesigned the train.
Jim Fredrickson Collection
Movement of Manifest Cars - NP Circular 155
Instructions Governing the Manifesting and Movement of Manifested Cars issued August 1, 1929.
James C. Dick
Nolan Northern Pacific Collection
The Edward Nolan Collection is here, about 1K views. Some very rare; all very expensive. Enter Nolan Northen Pacific Collection in the search box.
University of California, Bancroft Library
North Dakota Town Photos & Histories
An alphabetical listing of the Institute photograph files organized by North Dakota city or town. The series represents individual items acquired by the Institute or very small collections associated with a particular town. Institute for Regional Studies and University Archives.
North Dakota State University at Fargo, North Dakota
Northern Pacific Caboose Website
Welcome to with a blog-style format! We are updating content to this new site, including our listing of all known Northern Pacific cabooses. Please contribute photos and information.
Kenneth Johnsen
Northern Pacific in North Dakota History
NP related articles from the Journal of the Northern Plains
Published by the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Mike Borkan
Northern Pacific Information Sources
An extensive listing of sources of Northern Pacitic Railway information.
John Phillips III
Northern Pacific Railway Corporate Record Indexes
The indexes to the Northern Pacific Railway Corporate Records stored at the Minnesota Historical Society's archive in St. Paul. You can search these indexes using this site's word and column search functions to find the box numbers that contain information you want to review when you visit St. Paul. Indexes are being formated for this site by the NPRHA members. Email us if you are interested in helping.
Minnesota Historical Society
Northern Pacific Railway Corporate Records
Corporate records of the St. Paul-based Northern Pacific, its predecessors, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, documenting their operations across the northern tier of western states for more than one hundred years, until the 1970 merger that formed the Burlington Northern. Records include minutes, reports, correspondence and subject files, financial and accounting records, photographs, engineering drawings, land records, engineering and valuation records, advertising literature, timetables, publications, and many other materials documenting the principal staff and operating departments.
Minnesota Historical Society
Northern Pacific Railway Museum - Toppenish WA
The Toppenish Washington railroad depot, built by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1911, served as the transportation center of the community until 1961. Today, this depot serves as the center point of a rich NP collection, including steam locomotives 1364 and 2152, a wide range of rolling stock and collectibles being preserved and restored by Museum members. Consider joining and helping with the Museum's impressive work.
Yakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum Association
NP Modelers Discussion Group on Yahoo
This group is organized to share modeling aspects of the Northern Pacific. The focus may wander from time to time, and ALL aspects of the railroad are acceptable for discussion. We are NOT here to discuss successor roads, but realize that we may need to refer to them for the technical information they inherited. Hypothetical modeling ("Proto-Freelance") is acceptable if it remains focused on the NP.
Dan Stinson
NP TellTale Discussion Group on Yahoo
A wide-ranging discussion of all aspects of the Northern Pacific Railway's operation, facilities, equipment and history. All are welcome to participate in the discussions which should be about the NP and not stray from that theme. This site is not supported by the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, but most participants are members.
John Phillips III
NP TellTale Group Discussion Subjects
Formated discussion threads from the NP discussion site on
Gary Tarbox
NPRHA Organizational Documents
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association orginizational documents used by members of the Association.
Gary Tarbox
NPRHA Preservation Grants Program
NPRHA announces a Preservation Grants program, designed to encourage and assist organizations and individuals in the preservation of Northern Pacific Railway artifacts, documents, structures, historical NP equipment and other materiel.
Bob Horne
Operating Divisions of the Northern Pacific
This history shows how the division points changed from the start of train operations in 1871 to the 1970 merger. Compiled by J. B. Klassen and presented here by Jim Fredrickson.
Jim Fredrickson
Prairie Line History
The South Thurston County area of Washington State had the privilege of being located on the original NP mainline between Seattle and Portland. The segment ran from Tacoma, Washington to Tenino, Washington, was known in timetables as the "Prairie Line" and was the Fourth Sub-division of the Tacoma Division.
Brian Ferris
Schedules of NP Time Freight Trains
Published schedules of NP's time freight trains in 1957. Tables 1 and 2 show only the mainline time freight trains. Tables 3 through 12 show the time freights operated over the more important branch lines on the east and west ends of the NP.
Ryan Reed
South Bend Flyer - End of an Era
An article by Al McCready and photo essay by Allan deLay of the last NP passenger train to run on the Willapa Harbor branch of the Tacoma Division in March 21, 1954. The train No.596-591ran between Centralia and South Bend, Washington, and was scheduled as a daily except Sunday with a mixed consist.
Pacific County Historical Society and Museum
Tacoma Division AFE Collection
Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) files preserved at PNRA from the Fredrickson and Tacoma Public Library collections.
Chuck Morrison, Dan Cozine, Cosmo DiFrancesco
Timetables of the NP Divisions
Scans of timetable issued for the Divisions of the Northern Pacific.
Ted Pope