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 <= /span>



General Superintend= ent of Transportation


Circular No. 155








Manifesting and Movement of <= /p>

Manifested Cars


<= o:p> 





Cancels Circul= ar 103


Supersedes All Previous Instructions


Form 4035=


       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;      Cover  and   Page 2 =

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Manifesting and Movement of

Manifested Cars.


   1.  Loaded cars moving from Billings       <= /span>Cars to be

  and Laurel= to Butte, from points south   &nbs= p;  manifested

   and east of Staples to po= ints north of

   Manitoba Junction and wes= t of Dil-

   worth and all loaded cars= moving over

  a part of more than two divisio= ns from

  point of origin or receipt on l= ine (ex-

  cept cars referred to in rule 2= ), also

  empty tank cars, both system an= d for-

  eign, and such other cars as ma= y be

  designated by the undersigned, = will be

  manifested, and the following r= ules

  apply only to such cars : 

  2. Following loa= ded cars will not be       &nb= sp;   Cars not

  manifested :       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;   to be

      = Eastbound gra= in originating east       &nb= sp;    manifested

       &nb= sp;    of Helena.    <= /p>

       Westbound grain originating west

       &nb= sp;     of Paradise.

  3. The following loaded cars will b= e       &nb= sp;   Classifica-

  manifested and handled as “Express       &nb= sp;   tion of

  Freight” unless otherwise directed by       &nb= sp;  freight <= /span>

  the undersigned: 

       &nb= sp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;               &nb= sp; Page 3


 <= /span>

       &nb= sp;   (A)   All westb= ound commercial freight

       &nb= sp;   except grain

       &nb= sp;   (B)   All eastb= ound commercial freight

       &nb= sp;   except Forest Products, Grain and Coal.


       &nb= sp;         4. All other freight as provided in Rule 1

       &nb= sp;         will be manifested and handled as

       &nb= sp;         “Dead Freight”


Classifica-     5. All “Express Freight”  will be handled

tion of       &nb= sp;   in “Express Freight Manifest” unless other-

trains.       &nb= sp;   wise directed by Superintendent.


       &nb= sp;            6. All “Dead Freight” except that required to=

       &nb= sp;        fill out “Express Manifest” will be handled

       &nb= sp;        in “Dead Freight Manifest”= .


       &nb= sp;        7. (A) The term “Express Freight Manifest=

       &nb= sp;        will be applied to trains containing ten or

       &nb= sp;        more cars of “Express Freight= 221;.

       &nb= sp;           (B) The term “Dead Freight Manifest” will

       &nb= sp;         apply to all other manifest trains.

       &nb= sp;           (C) The schedule of train 602 or 603 will

       &nb= sp;         be maintained on all “Express Manifests” <= /span>

       &nb= sp;         according to direction, Fruit, Apple, Stock,

       &nb= sp;         and Lumber Specials, will be handled on

               &nb= sp;        &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;     

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp; Page 4

       &nb= sp;   

       &nb= sp;  3. St. Paul

       &nb= sp;  4. Minnesota Transfer

       &nb= sp;  5. Minneapolis

       &nb= sp;  6. Staples to Dilworth (not including Dilworth)=

       &nb= sp;  7. Dilworth to Jamestown (not including            &nb= sp;        &nbs= p;            =     Jamestown)

       &nb= sp;  8. Jamestown to Mandan (not including Mandan)

       &nb= sp;  9. Mandan to Dickinson (not including Dickinson)

       &nb= sp;  9-A. Dickinson to Glendive (not including Glendive)

        10. Glendive to Laurel (not incl= uding Laurel)

        11. Laurel to Livingston (not including Li= vingston)

        12. Livingston to Helena (not in= cluding Helena)

        13. Butte Line and Branches (not including Logan

             &nb= sp;      and Garrison)

        14. Helena to Missoula (not including Missoula)

        15. Missoula to Paradise (not in= cluding Paradise)

        16. Paradise to Spokane (not inc= luding Spokane)

        17. Spokane to Pasco (not including Pasco)

        17-S. Spokane to Portland (via S. P. & S.)

        18. Pasco= to Ellensburg ( not including Ellensburg)

        19. Ellensburg to Portland (not including Portland)

        20. Seattle and North.

        21. Portland


       &nb= sp;   Cars destined to points on Branch Lines will

       &nb= sp; be included with cars for district from which <= /p>

       &nb= sp; Branch diverges.    


 Dist.        &nb= sp; EASTBOUND DISTRICTS


=   21. Portland

  20. Seattle and North.

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;                  &nb= sp;Page 6

 <= /span>

their Special Schedules. “Dead Freight

Manifests” to make such time as is

consistent with handling proper


  (D) “Express Freight̶= 1; must be hand-

led in solid trains when possible, and

Superintendents are authorized to

consolidate such trains as tonnage

drops out to avoid necessity of main-

taining “Express Freight” schedules

containing mostly ̶= 0;Dead Freight”.

   8. At Least one “Ex= press Manifest”       &nb= sp;     Trains to

will be started west from Staples and       &nb= sp;     be run.

east from Auburn each day.

    9. Districts will be numbered as




 1.&nbs= p; Ashland to Staples (not including

      Staples= ) and Carlton to Hinckley,


  2. St. Pa= ul to Hinckley  (not including

      St..Pau= l or Hinckley ) ; St. Paul to

      Staples= and Little Falls to Brainerd

      ( not including St. Paul, Minnesota

      Transfe= r, Minneapolis, Br= ainerd or

      Staples= ). 

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;     Page 5


       19. Ell= ensburg to Portland (not including Portland)

       1= 8. Ellensburg to Pasco ( not including Ellensburg)

       1= 7-S Portland to Spokane ( via S. P. & S )

       1= 7. Pasco to Cheney= (not including Cheney)

       1= 6. Cheney to Paradise (not including Paradise)

       1= 5. Paradise to Missoula (not including Missoula)<= /o:p>

       1= 4. Missoula to Helena (not including Helena= )

       1= 3. Butte Line and Branches (not including Logan

       &nb= sp;            = ;            and Garrison)

       1= 2. Helena to Livingston (not including Livingston)

       1= 1. Livingston to Laurel (not including Laurel)

       1= 0. Laurel to Glendive (not including Glendive)

       &nb= sp; 9-A Glendive to Dickinson (not including Dickinson)

       &nb= sp; 9. Dickinson to Mandan (not including Mandan).

       &nb= sp; 8. Mandan to Jamestown (not including Jamestown)

       &nb= sp; 7. Jamestown to Fargo (not including Fargo); Fargo

       &nb= sp;     and Southwestern Branch west of Cotters and

       &nb= sp;     Fergus Falls Branch west of Deer Creek.

       &nb= sp; 6. Fargo<= /st1:place> to Staples (not including Staples); also

       &nb= sp;     Fargo to Cotters and Wadena to Deer Creek.

       &nb= sp; 5. Minneapolis

       &nb= sp; 4. Minnesota Transfer

       &nb= sp; 3. St. Paul

       &nb= sp; 2. Staples to Northtown (not including Staples,=

       &nb= sp;     Little Falls to Brainerd not including Brainerd)

       &nb= sp;     White Bear to Hinckley (not including Hinc= kley)

       &nb= sp; 1. Staples to Ashlan= d (not including Staples) and

       &nb= sp;     Carlton to Hinckley.

       &nb= sp;

       &nb= sp;   Cars destined to points on Branch Lines will be=

       &nb= sp;   included with cars for district from which the =

       &nb= sp;   Branch diverges except Fargo and Southwestern

       &nb= sp;   and Fergus Falls Branches.       &nb= sp;     


       &nbs= p;            =             &n= bsp;           &nbs= p;          <= /span>Page 7<= span style=3D'font-size:9.0pt;font-family:"Bookman Old Style"'>  


10. (A) Trains will be manifested and manifest numbered only at the following stations:=


month; when the highest number in the series has been used, commence again with= the lowest number, each number to bear the prefix, “Express Freight,&#= 8221; or “Dead Freight”, abbreviated for telegraphing to “Ex” and “DF” and a symbol letter to designate c= lass of train followed by a numeral indicating the day of month. For example: “EX-1 B-1 for West Bound manifest express freight Train 603;” being the first manifest forwarded on the first day of the month.

    Care must be taken = to avoid duplication or the use of improper numbers.

 Symbol designations as follows:<= o:p>

West Bound

        A- Express Freight

        B- Express Freight…………... Train 603

        C- Extra Sec…………………… Train = 603

       <= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> W- …………………………&#= 8230;….. Train 605

        G- ………………………..Trains = 603 – 633

        K- Special

        S- Stock

        BX- …………………………&#= 8230;…. Train 651

        X- Dead Freight

East Bound

        A- Express Freight

        B- Express Freight…………... Train 602

        C- Extra Sec…………………… Train = 602

        F- Fruit Special       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;      Page 9

       <= o:p>

      = MANIFEST

       <= /span>STATIONS


=  EASTBOUND       &nb= sp; WESTBOUND


Vancouver……= ;……..


Auburn……= ;………….


Pasco……= ;……………

Spokane……= ;………..

Missoula……= ;………..

Helena……= ;…………..

Livingston……= ;………

Laurel……= ;……………



Dickinson……= ;……….

Mandan……= ;…………

Jamestown……= ;…….




       1 to     99

   100 to   199

   200 to   599

   600 to   699

   700 to   899

   900 to 1099

 1100 to 1199

 1200 to 1399

 1400 to 1499 <= /p>

 1500 to 1599

 1600 to 1699

 1700 to 1799

 1900 to 1999

 2000 to 2099

 2100 to 2199

 2200 to 2299





1400 to  2499<= /p>

2300 to  2399<= /p>

2200 to  2299<= /p>

2000 to  2199<= /p>

1800 to  1999<= /p>

1700 to  1799<= /p>

1400 to  1699<= /p>

1300 to  1399<= /p>

1100 to  1299<= /p>

1000 to  1099<= /p>

  800 to    999

  600 to    799

  400 to    599

      1 to    399


(B) Manifests wil= l be numbered consecutively regardless of their class, beginning with the fir= st number in each series assigned on the first of each

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;           Page 8=   




        J- Apple Special

        R- Special

        S- Stock

        YL- Special for Laurel and South

        Y- Lumber Special

        X- Dead Freight


Manifest       &nb= sp; 11. A manifest train will consist of a

consists of:    number of thr= ough tons as will be

       &nb= sp;         specified for movement between des-

       &nb= sp;         ignited points plus the annex requi-

       &nb= sp;         red on each district. No part of<= /o:p>

       &nb= sp;         through tonnage will be set out short

       &nb= sp;         of destination, except as provided for

       &nb= sp;         in rule 13(B), unless unsafe to run.

Annex       &nb= sp;     12. (A) An annex to a  manifest

       &nb= sp;         train shall consist of a number of tons

       &nb= sp;         of non-manifest freight necessary to

       &nb= sp;         secure full tonnage rating over dis-

       &nb= sp;         tr= ict, except that manifest cars may be

       &nb= sp;         used as an annex when not sufficient 

       &nb= sp;         non-manifest cars to secure proper

       &nb= sp;         tonnage.

Manifest      =      (B) When manifest cars are used as

cars used      an annex they= must be entered on

as annex      manifes= t and reports made the same

       &nb= sp;         as for other manifest cars. Non-man-

       &nb= sp;            = ;                    &nb= sp;            = ;          Page 10    <= /p>


manifest cars used as an annex

will not be included in the manifest= .

  13 (A) Manifest cars will only<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>       &nb= sp;    Adding

be added to “Express Freight       &nb= sp;      manifest cars

Manifest” at terminals  except       &nb= sp;     to manifest

as provided in Rule 13(B)       &nb= sp;            trains.

   (B) “Express Freight” in “Express     Setting out <= /span>

Manifest” trains destined to points      = manifest cars<= /span>

between terminals will be set out        from manifest<= /span>

immediately preceding destination    &nbs= p; trains.

and thereafter handled  in loca= l

trains except that Superintendents

may direct the setting out or picking

up at intermediate stations, cars of

Stock, Emigrant Movables, Perish-

able Freight or “Express freight” pre-

viously set out account bad order or

other casualty.

    (C) “Dead Fre= ight Manifest” trains

may be directed to pick up or set out

cars at any point

    14.  Cars must be segregated in        Segregation

manifest trains so that each train

will contain the greatest number of

cars for the farthest destination,

securing , as far as possible, straight

trains of loads for certain districts.=

      =        &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;          Page 11


       &nb= sp;            &nb= sp;        15.  All cars for same district must=

       &nb= sp;           be switched together at such points

       &nb= sp;           as may be designated by special

       &nb= sp;           instructions.

Disbanding       1= 6. When necessary to secure full

       &nb= sp;           tonnage = rating for other trains “Dead  = ; 

       &nb= sp;           Freight Manifests” may be disbanded

        &nb= sp;          All manifests held over  forty-eight

       &nb= sp;           hours are to be disbanded unless

       &nb= sp;           held on account of line not open, due

       &nb= sp;           to washouts or other causes.

Stock =        &nb= sp;      17.  (A) All agents at originating o= r

Shipments      billing= point will report by wire to the

       &nb= sp;           undersigned on Form 1429, Signal F-

       &nb= sp;           13, all stock shipments as follows:

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Stock number

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Initial and car number

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Kind of stock

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Consignor

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Destination

       &nb= sp;            = ;         Feeding point

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Route (If destined off line).

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Transfer record (if transferred

       &nb= sp;            = ;      enroute)

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Where and when unloading was

       &nb= sp;            = ;      completed

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Time re-loading began and time

       &nb= sp;            = ;      loading was completed

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;     Page 12          &nb= sp;            = ;  


(B) A shipment will be the total

number of cars for each destination.

(C) A shipment number will be the

station number, followed by a letter

to indicate the day of the month (as

per table on form), followed by a

numeral to indicate the total cars

in shipment, and if more than one

shipment in one day, add letters A,

B, C, etc., in order of shipments.

 (D) The shipment number must be =

endorsed on the number of each


 18 (A) Form 1042, Signal F-12       &nb= sp;       Through

Through Freight Manif= est) will be       &nb= sp;    Freight    <= /p>

made in duplicate for all manifest       &nb= sp;   Manifest

trains at originating point ,  one=        &nb= sp;      <= /span>Form 1042          &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;     

copy  to = be  wired to the under-<= /span>

signed, then filed for reference.=

(B) One copy will be delivered to

the conductor. Manifests will be

checked to ensure that all cars

on manifest are in train, and all

manifest cars in train are entered

on manifest. Conductor will en-

dorse on back of form, sign and

deliver with bills at terminal of run.<= o:p>


       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;   Page 13  



       &nb= sp;            = ;   (C) Yardmaster will check as per

       &nb= sp;             rule 19 (B) and deliver to outgoing

       &nb= sp;             Conductor, or if run completed or

           &nb= sp;         manifest disbanded, handle as per

       &nb= sp;             rule 19 (C).

       &nb= sp;            = ;   (D) Conductors will not enter any

       &nb= sp;             car number or endorse pick-ups or

       &nb= sp;             set-outs on manifest. This will be

         &nb= sp;           done by Yardmaster.

       &nb= sp;            = ;   (E) Form 1042, Signal F-12, will

       &nb= sp;             be made for one or more manifest

       &nb= sp;             cars.

 Yardmaster’s      19 (A) = Form 1403, signal F- 9

 Report of       &nb= sp;   (Yardmaster’s Report of Passing 

 Passing       &nb= sp;   Manifests)   wi= ll be made at all

 Manifests        Division and District terminals       &nb= sp; 

 Form 1403       <= /span>for each manifest train  passing

       &nb= sp;             or disbanded at that terminal,

       &nb= sp;             indicating arr= iving and leaving

       &nb= sp;             time, cause of  dela= y, if any, and

       &nb= sp;             full information for all manifested

       &nb= sp;             cars and cars entitled to be mani-  

       &nb= sp;             fested, set out short of destination

       &nb= sp;             or picked  up at or between that and

       &nb= sp;             preceding terminal. Cars so re-

       &nb= sp;             ported must be properly

          &nb= sp;            = ;           &nb= sp;            = ;       &nb= sp;       &nb= sp; Page 14

       &nb= sp;            = ; 

must be properly endorsed on


(B) Each manifest must be       &nb= sp;            = ;   Checking 

checked by Yardmaster against       &nb= sp;        manifests

the train and the train against the

manifest , to insure that all cars

entered on the manifest are in the

train, and all manifested cars or

cars entitled to be manifested in the

train appear on the manifest. If any<= o:p>

discrepancies appear, proper en-

tries must be made on manifest,

and in addition on F-9 report, Form

1403, together with explanation. If

no discrepancies are found, the

Yard Clerk will endorse on F-9

report the words “Checks OK.,” and

in all cases sign his name, which

will be transmitted with the form

 (C) When a manifest is disbanded= ,       &nb= sp;  Disbanded

an F-9 report must be made

promptly, showing under delays,

“Disbanded account ………….……”

and show the number of cars, if

any, that were taken out of this

manifest and forwarded in other

       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;        &nb= sp;            = ;        Page 15


       &nb= sp;          &nb= sp;  trains between time of arrival at

       &nb= sp;             terminal and time manifest is dis-

       &nb= sp;             banded, giving number of manifest

       &nb= sp;             in which the cars were forwarded.=

       &nb= sp;             Initials and numbers of cars in

       &nb= sp;             manifest, when disbanded, are to

       &nb= sp;             be shown as cars set out unless

       &nb= sp;             otherwise instructed. Original    

       &nb= sp;             manifest shall be checked and en-

       &nb= sp;             dorsed, “Disbanded at “…………….

       &nb= sp;             account…………….date……R= 21; and

       &nb= sp;             mailed to this office. See Rule 21-B

Conductors       &nb= sp;   20 (A) Form 1489, Signal F-10, <= o:p>

Report of       &nb= sp;        (Conductors Report of Cars Set Out       <= /span>Cars             &nb= sp;  Short of Destination). Conductors

Set Out          &nb= sp;  will report manifested cars set out

Short of       &nb= sp;   short of destination, except at

Destination        &nb= sp; Logan and terminal= of train, on

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Form 1489, Signal F-10, to the

       &nb= sp;            = ;  undersigned and to Division

       &nb= sp;            = ;  Superintendent and report non-

       &nb= sp;            = ;  manifested cars to Division Super-

       &nb= sp;            = ;  intendent only, showing initial,

       &nb= sp;         &nb= sp;    number, contents, destination,

       &nb= sp;            = ;  where set out and cause, and

       &nb= sp;            = ;  leave report at first open telegraph

       &nb= sp;            = ;  office and attach carbon copy to

       &nb= sp;            = ;  manifest if manifest cars set out.

       &nb= sp;            = ;    (B) When all manifest cars are

       &nb= sp;            = ;  set out of train short of

       &nb= sp;            = ;         &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;        Page 16


destination between manifest

stations, due to turn arounds,

disabled engines, etc., conductors

will file Form 1489,  Signal F-1= 0,

reading, “All manifested cars set

out account………………,” instead <= /o:p>

of wiring car numbers, attaching

copy to manifest and deliver and

forward by first mail to Yardmaster

at first manifest station in direction

manifest train is to = move. Yard-

masters at manifest stations re-

ceiving manifests in this manner

will immediately ascertain from

Superintendent if set out train is

to move intact later, and if not,

make F-9 report showing train

disbanded.<= /span>

   21.  Form 1462, Signal F-2       &nb= sp;       Yardmasters

(Yardmaster’s Report of Cars       &nb= sp;       Report

Forwarded). (X) For telegraphing       &nb= sp;  of Cars

on this form all manifest cars       &nb= sp;      Forwarded

moving in non-manifest trains

and other cars as per instructions

on form.



General Superintendent of


       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;         Page 17