Contributing To This Site

Helping Us – With the data now on the Research Library site, you can see the power of having searchable NP data resources available from everyone’s Internet browser. Items like bibliography reference citations, equipment rosters, catalogs of museum collections, photo collection catalogs all come alive with possibilities. But, we have a very big job ahead of us to reach the full potential of this web site. The effort has been divided into smaller jobs that can be done by individual members at home. 

We have a great deal of data scanned and on a Working site where our members complete the catalog records. This allows the search functions to locate specific items. We can use your help in completing this cataloging from your computer or one at a local library. It does not require a great deal of computer knowledge and you will learn a lot of interesting information about the Northern Pacific in the process.

You can be a part of this effort, no matter where you live or your background.  While it is extremely useful if you can use a computer and have email to communicate, you can also participate in developing important data without using a computer or email.  What is needed is for you to be willing to tackle a research subject.  To start this process, tell us what section you want to work on and send an email to:  We will help you get started. 


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a part of this significant project to provide a resource that will keep the NP alive for future generations.


Submitting Items – If you have items that you would like added to the site, please email us at If you have digitized photos for use on our web site, please limit the size of each image to no more than 1000 pixels wide and is saved as a JPG. If you don’t know about all this technical stuff, send us an email describing what you have and we will send you an address to mail the item to us. We will scan the item and send it back to you. Thank you for your interest in helping us develop


We hope you have found the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association site informative and easy to use.