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This copy of the book was last updated to 1968 conditions. Switch to Detail View to filter and find a specific page or use word search.  Click the page to make image larger.  Than click lower right corner of resulting image to magnify to maximum.  The references to subdivisions on the St. Paul and Lake Superior Division pages reflect the late 1960s reallignment into the St. Paul Division, but listed below in the 1947 alignment.

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Pocket Bridge List Cover.jpgPocket Bridge List CoverC0180 KB
Book Glossary Page 1.jpgBook Glossary Page 1C02192 KB
Book Glossary Page 2.jpgBook Glossary Page 2C03176 KB
Lewiston to Stites.jpgLewiston to Stites1XCP01Camas Prairie Railroad226 KB
Reubens to Grangeville.jpgReubens to Grangeville2XCP03Camas Prairie Railroad191 KB
Spaulding to Reubens.jpgSpaulding to Reubens2XCP02Camas Prairie Railroad178 KB
Orofino to Quartz.jpgOrofino to Quartz4XCP04Camas Prairie Railroad188 KB
Quartz to Headquarters.jpgQuartz to Headquarters4XCP05Camas Prairie Railroad100 KB
Dilworth to Wheatland.jpgDilworth to Wheatland1F01Fargo199 KB
Wheatland to Jamestown.jpgWheatland to Jamestown1F02Fargo225 KB
Flasher to Mott.jpgFlasher to Mott12F10Fargo143 KB
Mandan to Flasher.jpgMandan to Flasher12F09Fargo147 KB
Mandan to Stanton.jpgMandan to Stanton13F11Fargo175 KB
Zap to Killdeer.jpgZap to Killdeer13F13Fargo123 KB
Stanton to Zap.jpgStanton to Zap13F12Fargo149 KB
Jamestown to Mandan.jpgJamestown to Mandan2F03Fargo212 KB
Fargo to Streeter.jpgFargo to Streeter3F04Fargo224 KB
Casselton to Marion Sanborn to McHenry.jpgCasselton to Marion Sanborn to McHenry4 & 5F05Fargo249 KB
Jamestown to Oakes.jpgJamestown to Oakes6F06Fargo151 KB
Jamestown to Leeds.jpgJamestown to Leeds7F07Fargo250 KB
Sykeston Oberon and Linton Branches.jpgSykeston Oberon and Linton Branches9 10 11F08Fargo206 KB
Paradise to Kootenal.jpgParadise to Kootenal1ID01Idaho203 KB
Kootenai to Yardley.jpgKootenai to Yardley1ID02Idaho183 KB
Attalia to Helix.jpgAttalia to Helix11ID19Idaho215 KB
Helix to Pendleton  Smeltz to Athena.jpgHelix to Pendleton Smeltz to Athena11ID20Idaho176 KB
Pasco to Riparia  Simcoe Branch.jpgPasco to Riparia Simcoe Branch12 & 13ID21Idaho192 KB
Yardley to Cheney.jpgYardley to Cheney2ID03Idaho193 KB
Cheney to Hatton.jpgCheney to Hatton2ID04Idaho169 KB
Hatton to Pasco.jpgHatton to Pasco2ID05Idaho198 KB
Pasco to Yakima.jpgPasco to Yakima3ID06Idaho189 KB
Gibbon to Parker.jpgGibbon to Parker4ID07Idaho185 KB
Hauser to Coeur d' Alene.jpgHauser to Coeur d' Alene5ID08Idaho135 KB
Marshall to McCoy.jpgMarshall to McCoy6ID06Idaho187 KB
McCoy to Palouse.jpgMcCoy to Palouse6ID10Idaho185 KB
Palouse to Troy.jpgPalouse to Troy6ID11Idaho208 KB
Troy to Arrow.jpgTroy to Arrow6ID12Idaho203 KB
Pullman Junction to Genesee.jpgPullman Junction to Genesee7ID13Idaho168 KB
Cheney to Wilbur.jpgCheney to Wilbur8ID14Idaho211 KB
Wilbut to Adrian.jpgWilbut to Adrian8ID15Idaho168 KB
Adco to Connell.jpgAdco to Connell8ID16Idaho295 KB
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