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It's Oct  1,1955 and 80 degs. The bags are packed, the kids are in the back seat asking if we're there yet.  You look out the window and think, boy it sure would be nice to see a train about now.   As you roll over the bridge Gilbert Narly is below trying to land that bass that eluted his father for years.  Warren said, "He has to go 6 lbs if he's an ounce."  Passing the Burma Shave signs Ole 'Buck ' Jones heads into Big Timber to quench his thirst and pickup more wire for fencing on his ranch.  Earl Pitts, long haul trucker,  wishes this rubber-necker would pull over.  Ah, but the one armed rail fan is  'High Balling'  to catch up with the Shields River turn after shooting it's caboose on bridge 51 and that guy with the air horn can just cool it !  And so goes another day on the Yellowstone Div.

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