NP Valuation Reports


Location:                      Marshall

Division:                       Idaho

Subdivision:                  Second

Branch:                         Palouse and Lewiston

Milepost:                      79.5

Milepost Zero:              Kootenai


As of August, 1926, the following structures were listed in Section 1B of the Valuation Reports for this location:



Structure/Item Description



Passenger and Freight Depot; one story, built 1897

24 x 84



44 x 54


Section House; two stories, frame, built 1902

22 x 43

12 x 30


Carbody bunkhouses, built 1912



Tool Houses, frame, built 1902

10 x 12


Shed, frame, built 1907

14 x 23



Comments3:      (18808)




1Not always given.  When given, represents full dollar value at time of construction. (18884).

2Not always given.  Dimensions are in feet unless otherwise indicated.

3When this material was first posted on the NPTellTale List, members occasionally commented or provided additional information.  Where appropriate this is noted, above.  The number in parenthesis is the source message on the list.