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  In the mid-1920s, the Interstate Commerace Commission proposed to set railroad freight rates based on a return on the companies inventment in faciflities and costs of operations. The NP made a series of valuation studies in 1926 to set the level of investment in each part of their system.
   In 1926, the NP had twelve divisions which were reduced in 1932 to the eight divisions which continued till merger. For a history of the NP divisions, go to Stations & ROW on the left-menu of the Research Home Page.

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Dakota7108.6Jamestown18 KB Steve Volek
Idaho40Marshall Jct14 KB Steve Volek
Idaho212.5Kootenai13 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma40.2Tacoma UD12 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma32.7Tacoma UD11 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma30.3-2.7Tacoma UD11 KB Steve Volek
Puget Sound138.3Seattle KSS10 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma411 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma411 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma315 KB Steve Volek
Tacoma210 KB Steve Volek