Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 984 Billings - Huntley Turnaround


Frequency: Daily, two trips per day Billings to Humble Refinery and return Billings; going to Huntley as required.


Purpose: To provide switching and spotting service to Humble Oil Refinery.


Traffic Handled: Refinery products, loads and empties, destined Humble Oil Refinery.


Schedule: Depart Billings 7:00 AM.

Arrive Humble Oil Refinery 7:30 AM.

Depart Billings 1:00 PM.

Arrive Humble Oil Refinery 1:30 PM.


Terminal Handling: Billings All cars destined for movement out of Billings are placed on this train and blocked according to their refinery commodity usage.


Restrictions: See Special Instructions.


Grouping: Make up from head end


Group 1 Asphalt empties.

Group 2 Co. oil empties.

Group 3 Propane gas loads.



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