Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 977 3rd Subdivision (Glendive - Forsyth)


Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.


Purpose: To provide connection from Glendive to Forsyth and to handle all local work between Glendive and Forsyth; also affords connections with Milwaukee Transfer in and out of Miles City and infrequently at Terry.


Traffic Handled: Traffic destined to or from any intermediate point between Glendive and Forsyth.


Schedule: Depart Glendive 9:00 AM.

Arrive Forsyth 2:30 PM same day.


Protects Connections From Milwaukee RR about 10:00 AM.


Terminal Handling: Glendive - This train is called as is consistent with traffic requirements at intermediate points.


Restrictions: See Special Instructions.


Grouping: Make up from head end.


Group 1 Care for intermediate points between Glendive and Forsyth.

Group 2 Cars for Forsyth and beyond.

Group 3 Restricted cars, if any.


Terminating Connections: Forsyth Yard cars from local are added to the appropriate through freight trains.




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