Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          No. 973 2nd Subdivision (Glendive and Brockway)


Frequency:                   Wednesday, or as needed.


Purpose:                       To handle all local work at intermediate stations Glendive to Brockway.


Traffic Handled:            Western Gravel Company, various elevators and stock shippers.


Schedule:                      Departs Glendive 8:30 AM (except later for stock for east)  Arrives Brockway 12:00 Noon same day.


Terminal Handling:        This train is called consistent with traffic requirements at intermediate points.  Cars blocked in station order..


Restrictions:                  See Special Instructions.


Grouping:                     Make up from head end.


Block 1 -          Western Gravel Co.

Block 2 -          Lindsey.

Block 3 -          Circle.

Block 4 -          Brockway


Terminating Connections:          None.




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