Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 956 (Dickinson Mandan) 1st Subdivision


Frequency: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.


Purpose: To provide connection from Dickinson to Mandan and to handle all local work between Dickinson and Mandan. Also provides service to Hebron Brick Company at Hebron and Husky Dominion Briquet Company at Lehigh, North Dakota.*


Traffic Handled: Traffic destined to or from any intermediate point between Dickinson and Mandan. Also handle traffic from Hebron Brick Company and Husky Dominion Briquet Company to various destinations.*


Schedule: Depart Dickinson 6:00 AM

Arrive Mandan 12:00 N same day.


Terminal Handling: Dickinson: This train is called as is consistent with traffic requirements at intermediate points.


Restrictions: See Special Instructions.


Groupings: Make up from head end.


Group 1 Cars for intermediate stations between Dickinson and Mandan.

Group 2 Cars for Mandan and beyond.

Group 3 Restricted cars, if any.


Terminating Connections: Mandan Yard cars from the local are added to the appropriate through freight train.


*Husky Dominion Briquet Traffic will normally be handled by Dickinson-Gladstone Road switch assignment (Train 957-958).



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