Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1021-1022 5th Subdivision (via 13th Subdivision on Thursday)

Nos. 1025-1026 11th Subdivision

Nos. 1027-1028 12th Subdivision


Frequency: Daily except Sunday.


Purpose: Local service between Livingston and Laurel via Bridger, Silesia, Red Lodge, Wilsall and Rapelje.


Traffic Handled: Cars for industries on 5th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Subdivisions.



Train 1022 Depart Livingston 10:00 AM Monday, arrive Laurel 3:00 PM

Train 1027-1028 Depart Laurel 8:00 AM Tuesday via 12th Subdivision (Red Lodge), arrive Laurel 4:00 PM.

Train 1021 Depart Laurel 10:00 AM Wed., arrive Livingston 5:00 PM.

Train 1022 Depart Livingston 10:00 AM Thurs. via 13th Subdivision (Mission to Wilsall), arrive Laurel 6:00 PM.

Train 1025-1026 Depart Laurel 11:00 AM Fri. via 11th Subdivision (Rapelje), arrive Laurel 9:00 PM.

Train 1021 Depart Laurel 11:00 AM Sat., arrive Livingston 6:00 PM.


Terminal Handling: Business between Laurel and Livingston incl. branch lines.


Restrictions: Bridges on 11th, 12th and 13th Subdivisions


Head End Grouping: Group 1 Station order Laurel to Livingston via branch that day.

Group 2 Cars beyond Livingston or Laurel.


Miles: 101.7 Livingston to Laurel.

90.0 Laurel to Rapelje and return 11th Subdivision.

88.2 Laurel to Red Lodge and return 12th Subdivision

45.5 Mission to Wilsall and return 13th Subdivision.



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