Yellowstone Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1003-1004 5th Subdivision (Billings to Laurel Transfer)


Frequency: Daily.


Purpose: Billings to Laurel transfer service and local service. Beets in season.


Traffic Handled: Transfer between Billings and Laurel, cars for industries between these points.


Schedule: Depart Billings 7:00 AM.

Arrive Laurel 8:00 AM.

Depart Laurel 11:00 AM.

Arrive Billings 1:00 PM.

Second turnaround as needed.


Terminal Handling: Business between Billings and Laurel.


Restrictions: Bridges on 5th Subdivision.


Head End Grouping: Group 1 Station order for local work Billings to Laurel.

Group 2 Cars for Laurel and west.


Miles: 30.0 Billings to Laurel and return.

Basic 100 miles or hours



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