Train:                          No. 748


Frequency:                   Daily


Purpose:                       Provide fast freight service from East Grand Forks to Lake Park.


Schedule:                      Lv E. Grand Forks                   4:00 PM Day 1

Ar Lake Park                           7:00 PM


E. Grand Forks:            Receives from 652, locals and industries.


Priorities:          1.         Perishables.

2.         Loads and empties from Drayton, Grafton,Winnipeg and beyond.

3.         Shorts.


Grouping:         1.         Shorts.

2.         Perishables for Staples and beyond.

3.         Loads and empties for Staples and beyond.

4.         Loads and empties for West of Lake Park.

5.         Caboose.


Lake Park:                   Delivers to 602, 604 or Staples turn, 605.




Office of GST.