Train:                          No. 696-693


Frequency:                   Monday through Saturday


Purpose:                       To provide through freight service from Gray’s Harbor area to Centralia, Auburn and beyond.


Schedule:                      Lv Hoquiam                               5:00 PM Day 1

Lv Aberdeen                              5:30 PM

Lv Elma                                      6:30 PM

Lv Centralia                                8:30 PM

Ar Auburn                                12:30 AM Day 2


Hoquiam:                      Receives from locals and industries.


Priorities:          1.         Business for Auburn and beyond.

2.         Business for Portland and beyond.

3.         Business for Centralia and beyond.


Grouping:         1.         Shorts in station order.

2.         Centralia and south.

3.         Tacoma and beyond.

4.         Caboose.


Aberdeen:                    Pick up Centralia and south, Tacoma and beyond, groups behind group 2 out of Hoquiam.


Elma:                            Receives from locals and industries.


Centralia:                      Delivers to first 680, No 678, locals.

Receives from locals and industries.


Grouping:         Picks up Tacoma and beyond groups maintaining groups.


Auburn:                        Delivers to 606, 640, 675 locals and industries.


NOTE:                         Traffic for Tacoma handled on No. 696-693, moves through to Auburn.



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