Train:                          No. 662


Frequency:                   Daily except Monday.


Purpose:                       To provide freight service from Camas Prairie to Yardley and beyond.


Schedule:                      Lv E. Lewiston             1:00 AM Day 1

Lv Arrow                                 2:00 AM

Ar Yardley                               8:00 AM


East Lewiston:              Receives from Camas Prairie, locals and Lewiston industries.


Priorities:          1.         Business for East of Yardley.

2.         Business for Yardley and West.

3.         Shorts.


Grouping:         1.         Shorts.

2.         Miscellaneous East tonnage.

3.         Laurel-Billings and Laurel CBQ

4.         St. Cloud and beyond.

5.         Caboose


Pullman:                        Sets out and picks up.


Palouse:                        Sets out and picks up.


Yardley:                       Delivers to 600, 606, 602, 607, locals and industries.



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