Train:                          No. 651


Frequency:                   Daily


Purpose:                       To provide freight service from Laurel to Butte and intermediate stations.


Schedule:                      Lv Laurel                                    2:00 PM Day 1

Ar Livingston                              4:50 PM

Lv Livingston                              6:00 PM

Ar Butte                                   11:00 PM


Laurel:                          Receives from 603, 605, CBQ 75, CBQ 79, locals and industries.


Priorities:          1.         Loads and empties for Butte and Silver Bow.

2.         Shorts.


Grouping:         1.         Shorts in station order.

2.         Butte-Silver Bow.

3.         Caboose.


Livingston:                    Priorities and grouping same as Laurel


Bozeman:                     Deliveries to locals.


Butte:                           Deliver to U.P., BAP (Silver Bow) local and industries.



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