Train: No. 631


Frequency: Monday through Friday


Purpose: To provide expedited service from Northtown to Dilworth-Fargo merchandise and TOFC, also Fargo to Glendive merchandise.


Schedule: Lv Northtown 9:30 PM Day 1

Ar Staples 12:30 AM Day 2

Lv Staples 1:30 AM

Ar Dilworth 4:30 AM


Northtown: Receives from connections and industries.


Cutoff: 1. 4:00 PM Park Junction connections with CBQ, CNW, RI, Minnesota Transfer, MILW, CGW.

2. 5:00 PM Soo Line

3 5:00 PM MNS

4. 7:00 PM Lower Yard


Priorities: 1. Automobile traffic for Dilworth

2. TOFC-COFC and merchandise for Dilworth-Fargo

3. TOFC and merchandise for Detroit Lakes

4. Loads for Fargo to Glendive

5. Loads for Staples to Wadena Branches

6. Caboose


Grouping: 1. Staples

2. Detroit Lakes

3. Dilworth and beyond

4. Caboose


Staples: Delivers to locals and industries.


Detroit Lakes: Sets out merchandise-TOFC.


Dilworth: Delivers to 605, locals and industries.



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