Train: No. 627


Frequency: Daily


Purpose: Provide overnight freight service from Duluth-Superior to St. Paul and beyond with limited intermediate business handled.


Schedule: Lv. Duluth 8:15 PM Day 1

Lv. Superior 9:00 PM

Lv. Carlton 10:00 PM

Ar. White Bear 4:00 AM Day 2

Arr. St. Paul 4:30 AM


Duluth: Receives from connections and industries. Handles loads for Billings and West. Handles loads and empties for St. Paul to Anoka and Twin Cities connections.


Superior: Picks up as required.


Carlton: Receives from locals. Must pick up cars from Northwest Paper for Twin Cities connections and West Coast.


White Bear: Delivers East Minneapolis and West cars for 357 (Transfer 1) connection with 603.


St. Paul: Delivers to connections and industries.


1. 10:30 AM CBQ

2. 1:00 PM CGW, CNW, West

3. 2:00 PM CNW, East

4. 7:30 PM MILW, RI (via MILW)



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