Train:                          No. 624


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday


Purpose:                       To provide overnight freight service from Staples to Duluth and intermediate stations


Schedule:                      Lv. Staples                               12:01 PM Day 1

Lv. Brainerd                               1:01 PM

Ar. Superior                               6:15 PM

Ar. Duluth                                  7:00 PM


Staples:                        Receives from 602, 604, locals and industries.  Handles all loads and empties for Brainerd, M&I Branch, Duluth-Superior, Ashland and intermediate stations.


Grouping:         Station order as required


Brainerd:                      Delivers to 621, locals and industries.


Carlton:                        Delivers to locals.


Superior:                      Delivers to industries.


Duluth:                          Delivers to DMIR, DWP, other connections and industries..


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