Train:                          No. 621


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday


Purpose:                       To provide freight service from Northtown to Brainerd, International Falls and intermediate stations


Schedule:                      Lv Northtown                             9:45 PM Day 1

Lv Brainerd                                3:45 AM Day 2

Ar North Bemidji                        7:40 AM

Lv North Bemidji                        3:00 PM (Daily except Saturday)

Ar International Falls                 11:00 PM


Northtown:       Receives from connections and industries


Cutoff:              1.         4:00 PM Park Junction connections with CBQ, CNW, RI,        Minn. Tfr., MILW, CGW.

2.         5:00 PM Soo Line

3.         5:00 PM MNS

4.         7:00 PM Lower Yard


Priorities:          1.         All loads and empties for Northwest Paper at Brainerd.

2.         All loads and empties for Boise Cascade at International Falls.

3.         All other business for Brainerd to International Falls.

4.         Loads and empties for Little Falls.

5.         Loads and empties for St. Cloud, Sartell.


Grouping:         1.         St Cloud.

2.         Little Falls

3.         Brainerd

4.         Brainerd to International Falls but not including Brainerd.

5.         Caboose


Brainerd:                      Delivers to locals and industries.  Receives from 623, 624 locals and industries.


Grouping:         1.         Shorts in station order.

                        2.         Bemidji and beyond.

3.         Caboose


International Falls          Delivers to MDW and industries.



Office of GST.