Train:                          No. 620


Frequency:                   As required


Restrictions:                  Will not handle poles loaded above sides of cars west of Laurel and will not handle double or triple loads.


Tonnage:          Yardley to Laurel 5800, Laurel to Northtown 6500 tons.


Schedule:                      Lv Yardley                                 9:00 PM Day 1

Ar Paradise                                1:35 AM

Lv Paradise                                2:40 AM Day 2

Ar Missoula                                5:40 AM

Lv Missoula                                6:15 AM

Ar Livingston                              2:20 PM

Lv Livingston                              2:35 PM

Ar Laurel                                    5:00 PM

Lv Laurel                                    6:35 PM

Ar Glendive                              12:45 AM Day 3

Lv Glendive                              12:50 AM

Ar Mandan                                 6:50 AM

Lv Mandan                                 8:05 AM

Ar Dilworth                                1:00 PM

Lv Dilworth                                1:05 PM

Ar Northtown                             6:15 PM Day 3

Schedule Must Be Maintained


Yardley:                       Receives from 662, SPS 276, Locals & Industries.


Priorities:          Twin City and beyond traffic.


Grouping:         Will not be blocked.


Missoula:                      Receives Hoerner Waldorf Traffic when 604 not operated.

Receives Twin City and beyond business.


Laurel:                          Receives Twin City and beyond business.


Grouping:                     Train will not be blocked.


Northtown:                   Deliveries to connections prior to midnight.


Office of GST.

Revised 6-23-69