Train: No. 606


Frequency: Daily


Restrictions: Will handle 4050 tons Auburn to Yakima (3750 during winter), 5000 tons Pasco to Yardley, 5800 tons Yardley to Livingston, car limit Livingston to Laurel. This train will do no work between terminals except as provided in this brief.


Schedule: Lv Auburn 7:00 AM Day 1

Ar Yakima 12:01 PM

Lv Yakima 12:30 PM

Ar Pasco 3:30 PM

Lv Pasco 6:45 PM

Ar Yardley ll:45 PM

Lv Yardley 12:45 AM Day 2

Ar Paradise 5:45 AM

Lv Paradise 6:50 AM

Ar Missoula 10:00 AM

Lv Missoula 10:25 AM

Ar Helena 3:35 PM

Lv Helena 3:40 PM

Ar Livingston 8:40 PM

Lv Livingston 9:10 PM

Ar Laurel 11:35 PM

Schedule must be maintained


Auburn: Receives from 1/679, 2/679, 685, 674, 676, 693, locals and industries.


Priorities: 1. Non-perishable loads and empties for CBQ Laurel and Laurel-Billings.

2. Loads and empties for Schilling, Montana.


3. All loads for Spokane, Camas Prairie and Walla WallaValley.

4. Loads and empties for Yakima.


Grouping: 1. Pasco and East

2. Yakima Setout

3. Caboose


Yakima: Delivers to locals and industries

Receives from locals and industries




Train 606 continued


Grouping: 1. Pasco and East

2. Caboose


Pasco: Receives from SPS 276, 600, 640 locals & industries.


Priorities: 1. Non-perishable loads and empties for CBQ-Laurel and Laurel-Billings.

2. Loads and empties for Schilling

3. Loads and empties for beyond Billings to Wadena

4. Business for Spokane


Grouping: 1. Schilling Setout

2. Laurel-Billings Proper

3. CBQ 78 including Huntley to Wadena

4. CBQ 188

5. Spokane

6. Caboose


Yardley: Receives from SPS 276, 662 locals and industries


Priorities: Same as Pasco


Grouping: 1. Add Schilling cars to head end.

Y1. CBQ 188.

Y2. Loads and empties for Laurel to Wadena including CBQ 78.

Y3. Billings-Laurel Proper.

Y4. Fill to tonnage non-perishable St. Cloud and beyond.

Y5. Caboose


Schilling: Set out Schilling group


Missoula: Receives from 602 locals and industries.


Grouping Fill to tonnage behind group Y4

M1. Business for CBQ 188, CBQ 78 and Laurel-Wadena.

M2. Business for Helena-East Helena

M3. Caboose


Helena: Set out Helena Group.

Receive business for CBQ 188, CBQ 78, Laurel-Billings and beyond if tonnage permits.


Livingston: Receive fill for Laurel and beyond.

Train 606 continued


Laurel: Delivers to CBQ 188, CBQ 78, 604, 602, locals and industries.


Office of GST

Revised 6-23-69