Train: No. 605


Frequency: Daily


Schedule: Lv Northtown 2:30 PM Day 1

Ar Staples 6:00 PM

Lv Staples 7:15 PM

Ar Lake Park 9:30 PM

Ar Dilworth 11:15 PM

Lv Dilworth 5:30 AM Day 2

Ar Jamestown 8:30 AM

Lv Jamestown 8:30 AM

Lv Bismarck 12:25 PM

Ar Mandan 1:00 PM

Lv Mandan 2:00 PM

Ar Dickinson 8:00 PM

Lv Dickinson 8:30 PM

Ar Glendive 2:45 AM Day 3

Lv Glendive 3:45 AM

Lv Miles City 1:20 PM

Ar Billings 3:30 PM

Lv Billings 4:00 PM

Ar Laurel 4:30 PM

Minneapolis Cutoff 11:00 AM from connection carriers at Park Junction

Cutoff 7:00 AM autos at Third Street, St. Paul

Cutoff 9:00 PM Lower Yard and industries.


Priorities: 1. Business for Red River Branch and Winnipeg

2. Multi-level autos for Dilworth

3. TOFC-COFC for Dilworth

4. All other loads and empties for intermediate terminals Minneapolis to Laurel.


Grouping: 1. Red River Branch and Winnipeg

2. Fargo-Dilworth and beyond

3. Caboose


Staples : Deliveries to locals and industries

Receives from 623 locals and industries


Grouping: Maintain groups


Lake Park: Delivers to 633 and locals.



Dilworth Delivers to locals and industries

Receives from locals and industries


Office of GST

Revised: 6-25-69