Train: No. 601


Frequency: Daily except Thursday


Restrictions: 55 cars from Northtown to Auburn, 3000 tons Pasco to Auburn. On Fridays, 70 cars 4250 tons Northtown to Auburn. Will not handle grain, slag, alumina, open top cars or lumber or similar loads subject to shifting, perishable shipments under standard refrigeration or billed to ice at Laurel. Will only handle Pasco and West business except for Spokane forwarder merchandise arriving on CBQ 97.


Schedule: Lv Chicago 2:30 PM Day 0 (CBQ 97)

Ar Park Junction 1:30 AM Day 1 (CBQ 97)

Lv Northtown 3:45 AM

Ar Dilworth 8:05 AM

Lv Dilworth 8:10 AM

Ar Mandan 12:20 PM

Lv Mandan 11:35 AM

Ar Dickinson 1:30 PM

Lv Dickinson 1:35 PM

Ar Glendive 3:45 PM

Lv Glendive 3:50 PM

Ar Laurel 8:45 PM

Lv Laurel 9:10 PM

Ar Livingston 11:10 PM

Lv Livingston 11:25 PM

Ar Missoula 5:05 AM Day 2

Lv Missoula 5:20 AM

Ar Paradise 7:25 AM

Lv Paradise 6:30 AM

Ar Yardley 10:10 AM

Lv Yardley 10:20 AM

Ar Pasco 1:30 PM

Lv Pasco 3:00 PM

Ar Yakima 4:55 PM

Lv Yakima 5:00 PM

Ar Auburn 9:00 PM

Lv Auburn 9:20 PM (TFR)

Ar Seattle 10:00 PM (TFR)

Lv Pasco 3:00 PM Day 3 (SPS 275)

Ar Vancouver 8:50 PM (SPS 275)

Lv Vancouver 9:10 PM (SPS 275)

Ar Portland 10:00 PM (SPS 275)


Northtown: Receives from CBQ 97, connections, industries, transfer and locals.


Cutoffs: 1. Park Junction 7:00 PM except 1:30 AM for CBQ 97 (will hold).

2. Minnesota Transfer (highline autos from Ford Motor) 10:00 PM.

3. Third Street, St. Paul (autos from CNW) 5:30 PM.

4. Northtown connections (SOO MNS) 7:00 PM.


Priorities: All Pasco and West and Spokane merchandise from CBQ 97 will be handled.


1. Merchandise and freight forwarder cars from CBQ 97.

2. Autos and trucks on multi-level cars.

3. Auto parts

4. Liquor and cigarettes

5. Ammunition, explosives and other military shipments.

6. Atomic solids for Richland (Hanford), Washington

7. All other important Pasco and West Time Freight not restricted.


Grouping: 1. Pasco and West

2. Spokane merchandise

3. Caboose


Yardley: Sets out Spokane merchandise.


Pasco: Delivers to SPS 275, 603, locals and industries.

Receives from 607, 603, locals and industries.


Priorities: 1. Livestock for Auburn and South

2. All TOFC-COFC and forwarder merchandise for Seattle.

3. Seattle perishables.

4. Non-perishable Seattle traffic

5. Centralia Grays Harbor traffic

6. All other Tacoma Seattle traffic.


Grouping: 1. Livestock for Auburn and South

2. Seattle traffic except TOFC-COFC perishables, and forwarding care for WOSCA, Coast and Superior carloading.

3. All carload perishable and freight forwarder traffic in rail care for WOSCA, Coast and Superior carloading companies.

4. All Seattle TOFC-COFC Traffic.

5. Caboose


If tonnage permits following groups will be added between Groups 1 and 2


1. Centralia and beyond Grays Harbor including Bangor.

2. Tacoma Olympia including Prairie and American Lake Branches.

3. All traffic for Auburn and North except Seattle.


Yakima: Pick up Seattle TOFC


Auburn: Delivers to transfers, locals and industries.



Office of GST

Revised 6/23/69