Train:                          No. 600


Frequency:                   Daily (Monday will operate from Pasco).


Restrictions:                  Will not handle poles loaded above side of car west of Laurel and will not handle double or triple loads.


Note:                TOFC-COFC and multi-level loads will be handled in perishable groups unless otherwise restricted.


Tonnage:          4050 tons Auburn to Pasco (3750 during winter months), 4250 tons Pasco to Yardley, 5000 tons Yardley to Laurel, 90 cars, 5500 tons Laurel to Northtown


Schedule:                      Lv Auburn                                1:30 AM Day 1

Ar Yakima                               6:05 AM

Lv Yakima                               6;10 AM

Ar Pasco                                  8:10 AM

Lv Pasco                                  8:35 AM

Ar Yardley                               12:45 PM

Lv Yardley                               1:20 PM

Ar Paradise                              5:40 PM

Lv Paradise                              6:45 PM

Ar Missoula                              9:25 PM

Lv Missoula                              9:40 PM

Ar Livingston                            5:25 AM Day 2

Lv Livingston                            5:35 AM

Ar Laurel                                  8:00 AM

Lv Laurel                                  9:15 AM

Ar Glendive                              2:35 PM

Lv Glendive                              2:40 PM

Ar Mandan                               8:20 PM

Lv Mandan                               9:35 PM

Ar Dilworth                              2:10 AM Day 3

Lv Dilworth                              3:25 AM

Ar Northtown                           8:30 AM

Ar Park Junction:                      11:00 AM


Auburn:                        Receives from First 679 and Transfer crews.


Cutoff:              11:00 PM


Priorities:          1.         Perishables for beyond Staples.

2.         Perishables for Laurel-Wadena, Laurel-CBQ.

3.         All TOFC-COFC for Laurel-Wadena, Laurel-CBQ.

4.         Non-perishable for CBQ-Park Junction.

5.         Non-perishable for St. Cloud and beyond except CBQ.

6.         TOFC-COFC Pasco and beyond.

7.         TOFC-COFC Yakima.


Grouping:         1.         Perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

2.         Perishables for Staples and beyond except CBQ.

3.         Perishables for Laurel-Wadena, including Laurel-CBQ.

4.         Non-perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

5.         Non-perishables for beyond Staples except CBQ-Park Junction.

6.         Pasco and East (sets out at Pasco).

7.         Yakima TOFC.

8.         Caboose.


Yakima:                        Delivers Group 7 to locals and industries.


Pasco:                          Delivers Group 5 and 6 to 610, 602, 606 and locals.

Receives from SP&S 276, locals and industries.


Priorities:          1.         Perishables for beyond Staples.

2.         Perishables for Laurel-Wadena and Laurel-CBQ

3.         TOFC-COFC for Laurel-Wadena (inc. CBQ) and beyond Staples.

4.         Non-perishables for CBQ Park Junction.

5.         Non-perishables for St. Cloud and beyond.


Grouping:         Add behind Group 3 out of Auburn.

F1.       Perishables for Laurel-Wadena, including CBQ.

F2.       Perishables for Staples and beyond except CBQ-Park Junction.

F3.       Perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

F4.       Non-perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

F5.       Spokane.

F6.       Caboose.


Yardley:                       Receives from 602, SPS 276, locals and industries.


Priorities:          Same as Pasco.


Grouping:         Add behind F4 out of Pasco.

Y1.      Non-perishable CBCQ-Park Junction.

Y2.      Perishables CBQ-Park Junction

Y3.      Non-perishables CNW (Fill only).


Missoula:                      Receives Hoerner-Waldorf business on rear of train when 604 and 620 not operated.


Laurel:                          Delivers to CBQ 188, CBQ 78, 604, locals and industries.

Receives CBQ perishables and non-perishables from A/610.


Grouping:         1.         Perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

2.         Non-perishables for CBQ-Park Junction.

3.         Non-perishables CNW (Fill only)

4.         Caboose.


Dilworth                       Service perishables.


Northtown                    Delivers to connections


1.         11:00 AM CBQ Park Junction.

2.         3:00 PM Park Junction for CNW



Office of GST.

Revised 6-23-69