Train:                          No. 2/607


Frequency:                   As required


Restrictions:                  Same as 607 except if helper available at Helena tonnage may be increased Helena to Missoula to 5500 tons.


Schedule:                      Will operate on 607 schedule


Note:                            When operated will handle short traffic Laurel to Missoula instead of 607.  Traffic Missoula and beyond in accordance with 607 train                                         brief.


Laurel                           Receives from 603, 605, CBQ 75, CBQ 77, locals and industries.


            Priorities:          1.         Train 651 blocked in station order.

                                    2.         Business for Bozeman to Missoula.

                                    3.         Empties for Bozeman to Missoula.

                                    4.         Empties for beyond Missoula


            Grouping:         1.         Train 651 in station order.

                                    2.         Bozeman to Townsend.

                                    3.         Helena

                                    4.         Missoula

                                    5.         Empties for beyond Missoula

                                    6.         Caboose


Livingston:                    Delivers to 651, locals and industries

                                    Receives from locals and industries for Helena and beyond


Helena:             Delivers to locals and industries.

                                    Receives from industries for Missoula and beyond


Missoula:                      Delivers to locals and industries

                                    Receives from locals and industries


Office of GST

Revised 6/19/69