Train: No. Second 603


Frequency: Daily


Restrictions: Northtown to Staples 80 cars of 4800 tons

Staples to Helena 100 cars of 5500 tons

Helena to Missoula 100 cars of 4200 tons

Pasco to Yakima No limit

Yakima to Auburn 4250 tons


Schedule: Will operate on 603 schedule


Northtown Receives from CBQ 83, connections and industries.


Cutoff: 7:00 AM Park Junction from CBQ, CNW, RI, Minn. Tfr.

7:00 AM Third Street St Paul autos from CNW.

7:30 AM Soo Line

7:30 AM MNS

9:00 PM CNW Lower Yard


Priorities: 1. Mail Mandan, Billings and Helena.

2. Livestock for Billings and beyond.

3. Perishables for Billings and beyond.

4. Transload and merchandise cars for Billings and beyond.

5. Autos and trucks for Laurel and beyond.

6. Auto parts for Laurel and beyond.

7. Cigarettes and liquor for Billings and beyond.

8. Ammunition, explosives and other critical military shipments.

9. Atomic materials for AEC at Richland.

10. All other Billings and beyond time freight including special equipped empties.

11. Missoula and beyond empties.

12. Spokane empties.


Grouping: 1. Livestock and perishable

2. Helena mail and express TOFC

3. Billings

4. Laurel including Livingston, Butte, Helena, Missoula.

5. Yardley.

6. Pasco and beyond.

7. Mandan mail.

8. Caboose.


Note: Train 2/603 will pick up cars set out Bad Order, repaired, from previous 602 and 603 trains and will pick up at Staples, Jamestown and briquettes at Dickinson, also pick up at Laurel, Missoula and Yardley. Pickups to be made on head ends and cars picked up east of Laurel to be switched into proper blocks at Laurel.


Billings: Delivers to house, locals and industries.


Laurel: Delivers to locals and industries.

Receives from locals, transfers and industries.

Service perishables and stock.


Priorities: 1. Helena mail.

2. Livestock and perishable for Spokane and beyond.

3. Merchandise for Spokane and beyond.

4. Autos, auto parts, trucks for Spokane and beyond.

5. Cigarettes and liquor for Spokane and beyond.

6. Explosives, ammunition and other military shipments.

7. Atomic materials for Richland, Washington.

8. All other important loads and special equipped empties.

9. Missoula and beyond empties.

10. Other important empties.


Grouping: 1. Livestock - Yardley and beyond.

2. Helena mail and express TOFC.

3. Missoula.

4. Yardley.

5. Pasco and beyond.

6. Caboose.


Helena: Delivers mail.


Missoula: Delivers to locals and industries>

Receives Spokane and beyond business.


Yardley: Delivers to 661, locals and industries.

Receives Pasco and beyond.


Pasco: Delivers to 601, 641, SPS 275, locals and industries

Receives from 601, 607, locals and industries.


Priorities: 1. Livestock.

2. Distributive traffic.

3. Centralia and beyond including Grays Harbor.

4. Tacoma local traffic including Prairie, American Lake and Olympia Branch business.

5. Auburn Seattle and Auburn Sumas business.


Note: If 601is not run, then following priorities are handled in preference to those above.

1. TOFC-COFC and forwarder merchandise for Seattle

2. Seattle perishables.

3. Non-perishable Seattle traffic.


Grouping: 1. Auburn-North.

2. Centralia to Hoquiam including branches.

3. Auburn-South including Tacoma-Olympia and Chehalis-Portland.

4. Seattle.

5. Yakima.

6. Caboose.


Note: If 601 is not run, then Seattle Group will include TOFC-COFC and forwarder merchandise in one block.


Yakima: Delivers to locals and industries. Receives from industries and locals to 4250 tons.


Auburn: Delivers to 694, 673, 675, second 680 locals and industries.



Office of GST

Revised 6-23-69