Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1292-1293 Hoquiam-Cosmopolis-Markham, 16th & 20th Subdivision Aloha-Moclips.


Frequency: Hoquiam-Cosmopolis-Aloha-Moclips Monday, Wed. & Fri.

Hoquiam-Cosmopolis-Markham Tuesday, Thurs. & Sat.


Purpose: Responsible for station and industrial switching between Aberdeen Jct. and Markham, including Cosmopolis, and between Hoquiam and Moclips.


Traffic Handled: Aloha Lumber Co. and Aloha Shake Co. at Aloha; Ocean Spray Cranberry Co. at Markham; Weyerhaeuser at Cosmopolis; Jackson Shake Co. and Graham Shake Co. at Moclips; other shake firms located between Hoquiam and Moclips.


Schedule: On duty Hoquiam at 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday. Return to Hoquiam upon completion of assigned work.


Terminal Handling Connections: Connects with 696 scheduled to depart Hoquiam at 4:15 PM.


Restrictions: Bridge, engine and heavy car restrictions on the 16th and 20th Subdivisions.


Head End Grouping: Station order.


Miles: 3.5 Hoquiam to Aberdeen. 13.6 Aberdeen to Markham. 2.3 Aberdeen to Cosmopolis. Total Hoquiam-Cosmopolis-Markham 38.8. 3.5 Hoquiam to Aberdeen. 2.3 Aberdeen to Cosmopolis, 23.8 Hoquiam to Aloha. 4.2 Aloha to Moclips. Total Hoquiam-Cosmopolis-Aloha-Moclips 33.8.



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