Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1290-1291 Centralia-South Bend and Return, 3rd and 21st Subdivisions


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday.


Purpose:                       Responsible for station and industrial switching between Chehalis Jct. and South Bend.  If required will set out or pick up cars at Chehalis for/from the switcher (1288-1289).  Occasionally interchanges with Milwaukee at Raymond.


Traffic Handled:            Haskill Gravel Pit (NP), Leban Co., Willapa Cedar Co., Olympic Mill, Weyerhaeuser Co and others at Raymond; and Readi-Mix and two oyster houses at South Bend.  Other traffic includes petroleum products, chips and assorted lumber products.  Assignment handles mostly empties departing Centralia and loads arriving Centralia (return trip).


Schedule:                      On duty Centralia at 1:30 PM Monday through Saturday.  Return to Centralia upon completion of assigned work.


Terminal Handling         Connections: Time freight trains picking up and setting out at Centralia.


Restrictions:  Bridge and engine on the 3rd and 21st Subdivisions.


Head End Grouping:     Station order Chehalis Jct. to South Bend.  Return with shorts on the head end.


Miles:                           4.7 Centralia to Chehalis Jct., 56.5 Chehalis Jct. to South Bend.

                                    Total 122.3.




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