Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1286-1287 Centralia-Bayshore, 18th, 16th, and 19th Subdivisions


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday.


Purpose:                       This assignment handles all business on hand at Centralia or points between Elam, Bremerton and Bangor: will pick up at Gate set out for further handling.


Traffic Handled:            Explosives, ammunition, petroleum products, lumber and lumber products and various other empties and loads.  Return enroute switching on 3rd Sub includes Pioneer Sand and Gravel at Pioneer, Glacier Sand and Gravel at Gravel Center, West Tacoma Newsprint at West Tacoma and other.


Schedule:                      On duty Centralia 7:15 AM Monday through Saturday.


Terminal Handling         Connections: Connects with Bremerton-Shelton turn (1294) scheduled to depart Shelton about 2:00 PM and Centralia-Aberdeen-Hoquiam (695) which sets out at Gate.


Restrictions:  Bridge and engine on 3rd Subdivision and bridge, engine and heavy car on the 16th and 18th Subdivision.


Head End Grouping:     Station order.




Office of GST.