Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1238-1239 Yakima to Morse

Nos. 1240-1241 Yakima to Tieton-Naches


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday.


Purpose:                       Performs all switching on Morse Branch, Naches Branch and Tieton Branch.  Initially runs to Morse Branch and returns to Yakima; second trip usually to Naches Branch, returning to Brace; Then to Tieton Branch.  Train will run to Selah.


Traffic Handled:            Canned goods, perishables, lumber, chips, grain, excelsior and military equipment to and from Pomona.


Schedule:                      On duty Yakima 10:00 AM.  (Usually works 12 to 16 hours per day).


Connections:                 Train 640 at Yakima.


Terminal Handling         Train made up for initial daily trip to Yakima East Yard (uptown), second trip in West Yard (uptown), and final tie-up is in main train yard.



Performance:                Important shippers are Sno-Kist Cannery, Terrace Heights; Layman Lumber Company, Naches; and all fruit growers on Morse, Naches and Tieton Branches.  Cut-off times are established for perishables on all branches.



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