Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1230-1231 Tacoma Fort Lewis and Return, 3rd, 17th and 4th Subdivisions


Frequency: Daily except Sunday. Tacoma to Fort Lewis and return via Point Line Monday through Friday. Tacoma to Nisqually via Point Line. Nisqually to Tacoma via Lakeview on Saturday.


Purpose: Responsible for station switching between South Tacoma and Wetico Spur and between Lakeview and Fort Lewis Saturday. When operated via the Point Defiance Line (3rd Sub), switches at intermediate stations between Tacoma and Nisqually.


Traffic Handled: Scott Paper Co. (Holman Transfer), Active Moving & Storage, Inc., Tacoma Dry Wall and Supply Co., George Scofield & Co., (gravel, sand and cement), American Superior Biscuit Co, at Lakeview; McChord Air Force Base at McChord Field; Fort Lewis proper and E.I. Dupont Co. at Fort Lewis and others. Titlow, Gravel Center, Pioneer Pit, West Tacoma Newsprint.


Schedule: On duty Tacoma daily at 9:15 AM. Return to Tacoma upon completion of assigned work.


Terminal Handling Connections: East loads are set out at Meeker to connect with 7011.


Restrictions: Bridge and engine and heavy car restrictions on the 3rd, 4th and 17th Subdivisions.


Head End Blocking: Station order blocking Tacoma to Fort Lewis.


Miles: 31.9 Tacoma to Wetico Spur. 23.9 Wetico Spur to Lakeview. 11.7 Lakeview to Nisqually. 8.0 Lakeview to Tacoma. Total 87.2 for the Prairie Line (4th Sub) operation only.



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