Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1224-1225 Tacoma Mobase and Return, 4th, 17th and 16th Subdivisions


Frequency: Daily except Saturday.


Purpose: Responsible for station switching between South Tacoma and Wetico Spur and between Lakeview and Fort Lewis. Occasionally will operate to Nisqually and return. Heavy switching at Lakeview.


Traffic Handled: Scott Paper Co. (Holman Transfer), Active Moving and Storage Co., Global Moving & Storage, Inc., Tacoma Dry Wall & Supply Co., George Scofield & Co., (gravel, sand and cement), American Superior Biscuit Co. at Lakeview; Logistic Center at Mobase; McChord Air Force Base at McChord Field.


Schedule: On duty Tacoma at 9:45 AM, Monday through Friday. Sunday only called on duty Tacoma at 9:00 AM, will run to Olympia and return to Tacoma on completion of work.


Terminal Handling Connections: Connects 677, 1/679, 685, 2/679, 686 and Transfers..


Restrictions: Bridge and engine restrictions on the 17th, 16th and 4th Subs.


Head End Grouping: Local crew lines up their own train in station order upon arrival at Lakeview.


Miles: 31.9 Tacoma to Wetico Spur. 23.9 Wetico Spur to Lakeview. 11.7 Lakeview to Nisqually. 8.0 Lakeview to Tacoma. Total 87.2 for Prairie Line (4th Sub) operation only.



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