Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1200-1201 Auburn-Keith and Return 2nd, 11th and 5th Subdivisions.


Frequency:                   Daily except Saturday.


Purpose:                       Responsible for all station switching at Wilburton, Belleview and Kirkland.  Heavy switching at Bellevue for Safeway and others.  Occasionally performs switching at Woodinville and other intermediate station work as required.  Assigned to Keith but rarely works beyond Woodinville.


Traffic Handled:            Gray-Stone Overlake, Inc., at Wilburton; Safeway Stores, Inc. (distribution center), America Wholesale Grocers, Western Kraft, Inc., Mutual Materials, Inc., International Pipe & Ceramics, Inc. and Universal Wallboard at Bellevue; Seattle Door Co., Globe Feed Mill, Custom Paint Co., Haroldson Industries and Simpson Building Supply at Kirkland.


Schedule:                      On duty Auburn at 10:15 AM Sunday through Friday.  Return to Auburn upon completion of assigned work.


Terminal Handling         Connections: Time freight trains departing Auburn.


Restrictions:  Bridge and engine on the 11th and 5th and 2nd Subs.


Head End Grouping:     Station order Auburn to Kirkland.


Miles:                           10.8 Auburn to Black River.  24.5 Black River to Woodinville.  12.4 Woodinville to Keith.  Total 95.4.




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