Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1192-1193 Sumas Switch Road Switch, 5th Subdivision


Frequency: Daily except Sunday.


Purpose: Responsible for switching at Sumas to include delivery of 675s train to connecting lines, blocking of 676 industry switching and local switching between Sumas and Deming.


Traffic Handled: Interchange with CP Railway and BCH Railway at Sumas; feed, logs and miscellaneous freight at Sumas; potatoes and lumber at Nooksack; and feed mill at Lawrence.


Schedule: On duty on call about 11:30 AM. Tie up on conclusion of assigned work.


Terminal Handling Connections: Assigned road switcher.


Restrictions: Bridge and engine on the 5th Subdivision.


Head End Grouping: Not applicable.


Miles: 15.8 Sumas to Deming.

Total 31.6



Office of GST.