Tacoma Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1184-1184 Everett-Darrington and return. 5th, 14th, and 13th Subs.


Frequency: Daily except Sunday.


Purpose: Responsible for station switching Edgecomb-Arlington to Darrington and Hartford as required.


Traffic Handled: Summit Timber Co. and other small firs shipping shake and lumber products, chips and logs at Darrington; Evergreen Frozen Foods, Butcher Pole Co., Portage Creek Lumber Co., Cascade Pole Co., Murphy Feed Co. and others at Arlington; and lumber, lumber products and shake business at Hartford..


Schedule: On duty Everett at 6:30 AM Monday through Sat. Return to Everett on completion of assigned work.


Connection: Pick up Cloquet Yard.


Terminal Handling: Connection: 1186, 1187

Restrictions: Bridge and engine on 14th and 5th Subs, and restrictive clearances on the 2nd Sub.


Head End Grouping: Station Order.


Miles: 6.3 Delta Jct. to Kruse Jct., 7.8 Kruse Jct. to Arlington Jct., 27.7 Arlington Jct. to Darrington.

Total 83.6


Office of GST.