St. Paul Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 443-444 Staples-Oakes; Oakes-Staples


Frequency:                   Staples to Oakes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Oakes to Staples on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Sunday layover at Staples.


Purpose:                       Performs switching service, handles LCL, carload shipments at all stations of 5th Sub., St. Paul Division between Staples and Oakes, N.D. and express shipments for 5th Sub.  Preponderance of station work at Hoot Lake for Ottertail Power Company and Fergus Falls.  Handles carloads of coal for Ottertail Power Co. at Hoot Lake on westbound trip and empties eastward.  Important customers:  Otter-tail Power Co., Montana Flour Mills, North Star Dairy, Farmers Coop Elev., Fergus Rendering Co., National Tea Packing Co. and Hel-O-Pak Insulation Co., at Fergus Falls.  Cargill Inc., Schuler Grain, H.J. Schweitzer Div., Breckenridge Lbr. Co. and Erickson Hellekson at Breckenridge; Phillips Fur and Wool, Kost Bros, City Roofing, State School Science, Lambert Lbr., Ottertail Power Co., Northwest Sheet and Iron at Wahpeton; Farmers Elev. At Mooreton; Farmers Mill and Elev. At Great Bend and Schuler Inc. at Barney; Richland Grain Co., Lampert Lumber Co., Gormly Bean Co., Farmers Elev. Co., Kelly Implt. Co. Botzenrod  Implt. Co., G.J. Johnson & Son at Wyndmere; Farmers Grain and Trading Co., Nelson Imp. & Chev. Co. Crane Johnson Lbr. Co., Farmers Union Oil Co., Dahlstrom Furniture at Milnor; Gwinner Farmers Elev. Co., Red River Fertilizer and Chemical., Melroe Mfg. Co., Pride of the Valley Inc., at Gwinner, N.D.; Stirum Grain Co., Anderson Service and Standard Oil Bulk Stn.  At Stirum; Crete Farmers Grain Co., Grays Bar, Kennedy’s Store at Crete.


Traffic Handled:            Coal, lumber products and furniture, dry milk, fertilizer, seed and fed, grain, building materials, machinery, oil and gas.


Schedule:                      On duty Staples 6:30 AM; on duty Oakes 5:30 AM.


Connection:                  Trains 605 and 631 at Staples.


Terminal Handling:        Cars station order.


On-Line:                       Local switching.



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