St. Paul Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 403-404 Duluth-Brainerd Local, 4th Subdivision


Frequency: Duluth to Brainerd Mon. and Thurs.

Brainerd to Duluth Tue. And Fri.


Purpose: Switch all stations on 4th subdivision Duluth to Brainerd, presently, handling way-freight car. Operates via Ironton during winter season when ore switcher not assigned at Ironton. Preponderance of switching at Aitkin, serving Land O Lakes and Burns Lumber Company.


Traffic Handled: Lumber and lumber products, turkeys, pulpwood, peat (out of Corona) various loads and empties.


Schedule: Depart Duluth 8:30 AM, Monday and Thursday, Arrive Brainerd 4:00 PM, Depart Brainerd 8:00 AM Tuesday and Friday, Arrive Duluth 3:00 PM.


Connection: 621 and 622 at Brainerd.


Terminal Handling: Cars in station order Duluth and Brainerd.


On-Line: Local switching.



Office of GST.