Rocky Mountain Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 1055-1056 Missoula-Paradise Local 6th & 14th Sub


Frequency: 1055 Mon., Wed., & Fri. 1056 Tues. & Thurs.


Purpose: Switch stations on 6th and 14th Subs, mainly Ronan, Pablo and Polson.


Traffic Handled: Cars for Plumb Creek Lumber, DuPuis Lumber and Polson industries. Handle stock in fall.



Train 1055 6:00 AM depart Missoula Mon., Wed. & Fri.

Train 1056 6:30 AM depart Paradise Tues. & Thurs.

2:00 PM arrive Polson, depart Polson 3:00 PM.

10:30 PM arrive Paradise or Missoula.


Terminal Handling: Connections: Locals east and west at Paradise, 602-604 at Missoula. Loads mostly eastbound, empty log flats westbound at Paradise.


Head End Grouping: Group 1 All business between Missoula and Paradise via Polson in station order.


Miles: 70.8 Missoula to Paradise 6th Sub.

66.4 to Polson and return 14th Sub.

137.2 Total



Office of GST.