Rocky Mountain Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 1043 Bozeman-Belgrade Road Switcher 1st Sub


Frequency: Daily except Sunday.


Purpose: Provide switching service for all Bozeman-Belgrade industries...


Traffic Handled: All business from and to Bozeman & Belgrade and line up cars for east and westbound pickups at Bozeman.


Schedule: Call Bozeman 8:00 AM Leave Bozeman approx. 11:00 AM for Belgrade & return to Bozeman approx. 3:00 PM.


Terminal Handling: Generally cars lined up for pickup by Trains 651-652.


Restrictions: None.


Head End Grouping: No specific grouping.


Miles: Bozeman to Belgrade and return 18 miles.

Basic 112 mile day or hours.



Office of GST.