Rocky Mountain Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 1034-1035 Missoula-Philipsburg Turnaround Local 3rd & 12th Subs


Frequency: Sunday Tuesday Thursday.


Purpose: Local work between Missoula and Philipsburg.

Provide service on 12th Sub.


Traffic Handled: Summit Lumber Co. at Philipsburg. All local work between Missoula and Philipsburg. Stock in fall.


Schedule: Departs Missoula 9:00 AM arrives Philipsburg about 1:00 PM, departs Philipsburg about 4:00 PM arrive Missoula about 9:00 PM.


Terminal Handling: Handles cars Drummond and Philipsburg.


Connection: Butte-Drummond and local (1049-1050).


Restrictions: Bridges on 12th Sub.


Head End Grouping: Station order Missoula to Philipsburg.


Miles: Missoula to Philipsburg 151.0


Total 151.0



Office of GST.