Idaho Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1252 - 1253 Pasco - Riparia Turnaround Local


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday.


Purpose:                       Interchanges traffic at Riparia to and from Camas Prairie Railroad.  Runs Pasco to Ainsworth Junction via SPS-NP to Villard Junction, then joint NP-UP trackage to Attalia and UP trackage to Riparia.


Traffic Handled:            Lumber, paper products, grain, empties on order for Camas Prairie.


Schedule:                      On duty Pasco 8:30 PM.


Connection:                  Camas Prairie Train 859.


Terminal Handling:        Cars in station order.



Performance:                Occasional pickup or setout at Attalia.  Train must not be delayed enroute due to congestion at UP Ayer Yard.



Office of GST.