Idaho Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1242 - 1243 Yakima – White Swan Turnaround Local


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday.


Purpose:                       Performs switching Union Gap and Pasco, each direction, as directed by Trainmaster.  Switches Wapato, Toppenish and all stations on NP 13th Subdivision.  Preponderance of switching at Toppenish; handles lumber and chips from White Swan Mill and must switch this mill either at noon or 3:30 PM.  Considerable handling of sugar beet traffic during harvest.  Important customers: U & I Sugar Factory and Libby’s at Toppenish, White Swan Mill at White Swan, Fruit and Vegetable Warehouses at Wapato, , Kieckhefer Corporation at Union Gap..


Traffic Handled:            Lumber products, perishables and frozen foods, hops, sugar beets, molasses, sugar, grain, paper products and fertilizer.


Schedule:                      On duty Yakima 7:30 AM.


Connection:                  1244 – 1245 at Toppenish.

Train 640 at Yakima.


Terminal Handling:        Cars station order – arrives Yakima with perishables or frozen foods, eastbound traffic on head end..



Performance:                Local switching – this train supplemented during beet harvest with two combination road switchers typing [sic] up at Toppenish.



Office of GST.