Idaho Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1159 - 1160 Yardley – Velox Switcher


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday


Purpose:                       Performs bulk of switching at Spokane Industrial Park (Velox).  When necessary, this local may return to Yardley with cars and pick up late arriving traffic for Velox.  This local handles plywood and lumber products plus manufactured items to and from industries at the Spokane Industrial Park.  May be utilized to run to stations on the 4th Subdivision (Coeur d’Alene) and as far west as Cheney on the 2nd Subdivision.  Important customers are Natico Manufacturing, Suntex Veneer, Fiberform Boats, Columbia Electric, Comet Corporation, Presto Logs, Imperial Woods, Union Iron Works and Capp Homes.


Traffic Handled:            Plywood lumber products, boats, iron products, containers (COFC), electrical goods.


Schedule:                      On duty Yardley 9:30 AM.


Connection:                  Connects with 600, 610, 606, and 607.


Terminal Handling:        Handles all traffic between Industrial Park at Velox and Yardley and sets out at Trentwood for forwarding on manifest trains.



Performance:                Local switching at Velox.



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