Idaho Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 1147 - 1148 Yardley to Creston Turnaround Local (Chain Gang Crews)


Frequency:                   Monday and Wednesday


Purpose:                       Performs switching at the Creston chip Spur and at Creston; also expedites the movement of Boise Cascade lumber to Yardley and furnishes empties as required.


Traffic Handled:            Lumber products and wood chips.


Schedule:                      On duty Yardley 2:00 PM Monday, Wednesday.


Connection:                  Connects with 600, 606, 610 at Yardley and DF Wests at Cheney.


Terminal Handling:        Creston and Creston Spur local switching..



Performance:                Local switching Cheney to Creston is done during peak grain loading when required..



Office of GST.