Idaho Division Local Train Brief


Train: Nos. 1130 - 1129 Yardley Kootenai Turnaround Local


Frequency: Daily except Sunday.


Purpose: Perform switching at Velox, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and all switching at Rathdrum, Ramsey, Athol, Cocolalla Sandpoint, Kootenai, Monday through Saturday. Preponderance of work is at Velox, Sandpoint and Kootenai. NP No. 602 train picks up cars delivered from S.I. Railroad in interchange at Sandpoint and other cars placed in blocks by this local. Considerable chips and lumber products are handled at Sandpoint and Kootenai..


Traffic Handled: Lumber products, wood chips, pulp logs, poles, fertilizer and various loads and empties for Velox.


Schedule: On duty 7:00 AM Yardley, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On duty 8:30 AM, Sandpoint, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Connection: Train NP No. 602, Sandpoint.


Terminal Handling: Connection made at Sandpoint with S.I. Railroad and NP 602 and at Yardley with 607 and 606.



Performance: Local switching Yardley-Kootenai.



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